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Embryolab’s quality is reflected in every stage of our operation. In particular, the manning of our team that comprises …

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The starting point for Innovation is the constant investment in modern laboratory facilities, which guarantees safety, accuracy and promptness…

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Transparency is a prerequisite in a sensitive scientific sector like the one of assisted reproduction. Embryolab is the first unit in Greece to incorporate, in all its processes, a traceability system…

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Feelings & Experiences

Your comments, experiences and views.

Our daughter is now 6 month old ? Time really flies.

Again many thanks for helping us throughout the process. Please convey our warm regards to doctor Christina also. Wishing Embryolab all the success in future.

Testimonial M&A, UK

Dear Popi,

Hope this email finds you in good health and the best of happiness.

Pregnancy went well, and on the 23rd of February we had the pleasure to meet our two beautiful boys.

Z and R, 3kg and 2.5kg. Healthy babies and mum is doing well. Growing more and more every day.

We can’t thank you and doctor Christina enough for the success, and will be recommending you to anyone needing ivf in the future.

I don’t know how to put it in few words….they told us here that we are too old and there was no way to have baby….but YOU changed all that, and gave me what I wanted all my life…a HUGE THANK YOU to the team in Embryolab. I was searching for the best ivf clinic in the world, and found you in the forums?? and lucky I did ?????

Ps: A-M wants a girl now……

Kind regards

Testimonial E & A Australia
E & A Australia


Embryolab’s quality is reflected in every stage of our operation…

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Embryolab was established ten years ago thanks to the life-long efforts…

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Egg donation is one of the kindest, most humane offers…

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