At Embryolab, we believe that the starting point for successful IVF treatment is a full investigation of the causes of infertility, in order to identify and treat them in the optimal therapeutic way.

The first step in Embryolab’s process is carrying out the latest tests on both women and men. Our first concern is to identify and address the factors that can increase the chances of natural conception, exhaust those possibilities first and then (if the chances are very limited) go on to IVF.

The research is complete, as Embryolab accommodates 11 different and complementary disciplines (such as haematologists, immunologists, urologists, dieticians, psychologists) assisting in the process of research in close coordination with gynaecologists and embryologists.

During the process, the couple is informed of their fertility prognosis (natural and assisted), taking into consideration all data after each assessment. Furthermore, under the control and quality management system, scheduled procedures record satisfaction levels in an effort to improve these assessment services.