Sperm preparation for insemination

The partner gives a semen sample about two hours before the planned insemination. With a special technique, spermatozoa with the greatest motility and the best morphology are selected from the sample. They are placed in a special medium, in which they achieve even higher mobility and become more active.

If the sperm does not have the required motility and quality on the day of insemination, a second sample may be required. It is essential to increase the number of activated spermatozoa in order to increase the chances of success.

In cases where it is known that there is a problem of mild or moderate male infertility, the cryopreservation of 1-2 sperm samples may be used. On the day of insemination, these can be used to improve the fresh sample.


  • The scientific staff at the unit does not opt for insemination if the sperm quality does not meet the required criteria.
  • The accuracy of the sperm analysis is controlled by participation in an external quality assessment system (UKNEQAS).