Assisted Hatching

With the assisted hatching method, an opening is created in the egg shell surrounding the embryo. This opening simplifies the hatching process of the embryo and increases the chance of it coming in direct contact with the mother’s endometrium.

The method of assisted hatching seems to improve prognosis in certain types of recurrent failures, such as in cases:
• of multiple implantation failures
• after thawing of embryos
• of structural abnormalities of the egg shell
• of higher age in women

The process of assisted hatching is carried out just before embryo transfer, when the number of embryos to be transferred has been determined and it is perfectly safe for the embryos themselves.

Assisted hatching may increase the chance of pregnancy in couples undergoing IVF.


• The hatching process is performed using a special laser system, to obtain greater accuracy and safety.
• This method has already been applied for 10 years and has contributed significantly to the improvement of healthy pregnancy rates.
• Relevant for all couples with a history of IVF failures
• Embryolab provides it at no extra charge