Cryopreservation of Embryos by Vitrification

Surplus embryos are often derived during the IVF process, which may be of good quality, but have not been selected for embryo transfer. These surplus embryos may be preserved through cryopreservation, with very high survival rates.

Embryolab has organised a very effective and safe programme of embryo cryopreservation with vitrification for these extremely valuable surplus embryos. Thanks to this programme, couples can store their surplus embryos at very little cost. In this way, the couple can ensure additional IVF without the need to repeat the stimulation treatments. In addition, these embryos are at the disposal of the couple for trying for a second pregnancy after the first successful pregnancy.
All the studies carried out so far on the health of children resulting from cryopreserved embryos confirm that the method is safe.


• The vitrification method has been implemented by the Department of Embryology at Embryolab since 2008, and is still considered a ground-breaking method for most IVF units around the world

• International seminars have been organised at the Embryolab Academy since 2013, with scientists from around the world participating in training in the application of these methods.