Recurrent miscarriages

Recurrent miscarriages mean major psychological problems and not just costs for couples wishing to have a child. The role of a thorough examination of the causes is extremely important for tackling the problem and implementing the most appropriate treatment plan.

In the process of investigation, we examine:

• the karyotype of the couple,
• thrombophilia,
• the morphology of the uterus,
• genetic and chromosomal testing on sperm and embryos

Pregnancy probability is estimated next and the recommended treatment is proposed according to the cause.


One of the most innovative concepts of Embryolab is the harmonious working relationship between clinical gynaecology, embryology and genetic counselling.
Since its foundation, the unit has established a Department of Genetic Counselling, which provides personalised treatment in cases of chromosomal problems.
A thorough analysis of sperm is conducted for DNA fragmentation and karyotypic abnormalities, while the uterus is simultaneously checked with hysteroscopy.
Embryolab is one of the few units in Greece with a long experience in hysteroscopy and related surgical interventions in cases where it is necessary to correct anatomical problems.