Examination after unsuccessful IVF treatment

A failed IVF treatment always entails significant psychological, physical and financial costs. The top priority for everyone at Embryolab is the full examination of all possible causes of a failed attempt. We use all the latest in-depth examinations for sperm, oocytes and embryos.


For couples who put their trust in Embryolab after one or more failed IVF attempts, and in order to select the appropriate method, we will first:
• review the ovarian stimulation protocols that have been used,
• test ovarian function,
• examine the intrauterine cavity,
• test sperm physiology.

This examination securely leads to individualised consultation, including a specific forecasting and personalised treatment plan for each individual couple. Additionally, in some cases, it is necessary to apply preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or a treatment with donated gametes is selected. All couples have access to psychological support from an experienced psychologist at the unit.