Examination of fertility disorders

At Embryolab, we believe that a thorough examination of the causes of infertility, using all necessary diagnostic tools at the unit’s disposal, is a valuable precondition for providing a suggested therapeutic course.

A detailed examination of the couple’s medical history is an essential step. Based on the medical information of the couple, the latest diagnostic tests for women and men are conducted to clarify the causative factors responsible for the difficulty in conceiving.


The primary goal is to identify and address the factors that increase the possibilities of natural conception, avoiding IVF. It is a principle of Embryolab to exhaust all the possibilities of natural conception for the couple first and not to be biased if there is no reason for IVF.

For conducting the tests, all useful diagnostic tools and all disciplines needed are used to investigate the case. Embryolab has the most complete scientific group, including 11 disciplines within the unit (such as molecular biologists, geneticists, nutritionists, psychologists), who, in coordination with the gynaecologist and embryologist, assist with the examination.

The examination is followed up by a fertility prognosis consultation (natural and assisted) with the couple. The consultation with the couple, proposed treatment report and best course of action are extremely important. Furthermore, Embryolab has introduced quality management procedures and a system for to track a couples’ satisfaction levels for the continuous improvement of our services.