Psychological support and counselling

In addition, the presence of a qualified psychologist at the unit allows us to evaluate the donor’s profile against psychological parameters with a view to embryo and oocyte donation.

80 million people worldwide suffer from infertility problems 16% to 26% of the female population in developed countries are trying to have children with medical intervention, while the infertility rate in Greece is 17%.

Many people see infertility as a one-sided failure; they interpret it as a challenge to their femininity or their masculinity. Infertility is a major influence on our self-image. Women feel less feminine and imperfect as women, while men feel less manly.

Failure to get pregnant affects the personal, marital, social and professional sphere of a person’s life. Many studies confirm the link between personal stress and treatment outcome, as well as the effects of marital and social stress.

Embryolab recognises that psychological support during IVF contributes significantly to overcoming this problem, but also improves mental balance, and thus has created the psychological support programme.

The department of Psychology/Counselling Support emphasises the awareness of managing thoughts and feelings (e.g. learning relaxation techniques and managing negative thoughts) for promoting positive psychosomatic changes. Counceling around these services, focusing on expressing and managing emotions related to infertility, seems to act positively to improve the mental health of infertile couples.

A holistic approach can even improve the effects of treatment and increase satisfaction levels, but also help to facilitate the smooth adjustment of couples to the result of the attempt.

The services available to all couples are:
• Individual Counselling
• Fertility Consultation
• Group Counselling
• Life Coaching
• Smoking cessation programme


• Embryolab has skilled and qualified psychologists.
• Embryolab provides free psychological support and counselling services to couples and individuals who put their trust in us.