Genetic Counselling

At Embryolab, harmonious coexistence and cooperation between different disciplines and sciences is a founding principle. This innovative concept led to the establishment of a Cytogenetics Laboratory and a Genetic Counselling Department for couples, considering that it will help in their effort to gain the most precious of life’s gifts… a child.

Genetic counselling is a modern science where analytical tools unlock the DNA of people, helping them acquire healthy children reducing hereditary or contagious diseases. In other words, genetic counselling perfectly complements the fertility puzzle while being harmoniously combined with embryology and gynaecology.

It is of particular scientific interest that the contribution of Genetic Counselling, with research and clinical documentation, is now considered indispensable in assisted reproductive technology. It can extremely accurately identify the probability of a couple having a healthy child using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. It is noteworthy that genetic counselling service is provided only within a few IVF units in Greece and Europe.


  • Embryolab has been organised by Laboratory of Genetics Unit and qualified geneticist since its foundation.
  • Genetic testing and counselling services are an integral part of the services, provided by the Unit.
  • Embryolab Academy regularly holds international conferences on genetic counselling issues, involving scientists from around the world to be trained in modern techniques and methods.
  • The use of pre-implantation Diagnosis requires the involvement of qualified geneticists.