The science of Assisted Reproductive technology is a puzzle, where every department is an important part in a uniform picture. Embryolab’s team is one of the most extensive in Europe, covering 11 different disciplines. All disciplines co-exist in-house from the start of the unit.

The laboratory and clinical scientists at Embryolab work in harmony with every couple or person visiting us.

Embryolab’s team is composed of eminent scientists in each field. The unit’s Director is Ms Alexia Chatziparasidou, a Senior Clinical Embryologist with extensive experience at IVF Units both in Greece and abroad in the implementation of all laboratory IVF techniques.

Dr Nikos Christoforidis has been the Medical Director of Embryolab since the beginning of the unit’s operation, specialising in infertility analysis and assisted reproductive technology.

Distinguished gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists, urologists, andrologist, psychologists/counsellors and nutritionists support Embryolab’s scientific team.

In addition, our unit’s nursing and administration staff play a special role in creating a trusting environment.

All members of the Embryolab team specialise in infertility, and are constantly learning of recent scientific advances to continue providing high quality services.