Top Quality Laboratories

Laboratories are the heart of an Assisted Reproduction Unit, as they significantly determine the conditions for the development and monitoring of oocytes and embryos. Embryolab’s laboratory is organised according to the strictest international standards. The strictly controlled environment, in combination with the latest technological equipment and new generation nutritious materials, ensures that ovaries and embryos have the ideal development conditions in the laboratory, as confirmed by the very good implantation rates been recorded since the start of our Unit’s operation.

The special features of our laboratory’s total quality management programme include:

1) 24-hour online monitoring of all culture parameters in the incubators.
2) Real-time monitoring system of the laboratory environment for stable conditions throughout the day and the year.
3) The quality of the air in the laboratory is ensured by a double purification and control system.
4) Support by an Uninterrupted Operation System (generator and UPS)
5) Using the most modern Matcher system ensures maximum traceability and safety for processing all samples in the laboratory.
6) Specialised security control of all supplies that are in contact with oocytes and embryos before use.
7) The innovative Embryoscope system, including specially created embryo culture with cameras, monitoring throughout the development phase, before the embryo transfer, creating a real-time video (time-lapse video). This allows us to select the best embryo for transfer. Safety increases as the embryo is observed locally, without having to be removed from the incubator.

Embryolab has been ISO 9001: 2008 certified every year since 2007 (previously ISO 9001: 2000).