Endometrial Function Test (EFT)

One of Embryolab’s innovative concepts is its extroversion. Embryolab collaborates in research and educational issues with international organisations and scientific bodies, in both clinical and laboratory fields. One of our partnerships, of which we are very proud, is our cooperation with the Yale School of Medicine.

The control method of endometrial function applied at the Yale School of Medicine of the University of Yale seems to be the most effective way to evaluate the receptivity of the endometrium in order to select the appropriate therapeutic programme for IVF.

The endometrium is the ultimate target of the whole process of assistance, as this is where the fertilised oocytes are implanted. To complete a healthy pregnancy, the endometrium needs to function normally. With the help of the EFT (Endometrial Function Test), any disturbance of the endometrium function can be diagnosed. Applying the appropriate treatment can restore the endometrium to normal function and allow the normal development of embryos in an appropriate environment.

This method can provide solutions to couples with recurrent implantation failures with IVF, but also to couples who have not been able to get pregnant, excluding other factors.