Culture and development conditions for the embryo are crucial for delivering the desired result. Embryoscope® is a revolutionary embryo incubation system approved worldwide as a modern and recommended system for embryos cultire and development. It features integrated cameras that automatically download photos from the moment of oocyte fertilisation until the day of embryo transfer. Image capturing generates a time-lapse video, giving our embryologists all key information on the morphological characteristics of the embryos during their development. Another important benefit of using Embryoscope® is that the embryo stays in a stable and secure environment and we can observe it inside the incubator. This ensures harmonious embryo development, as we avoid exposure of the embryo, such as changing the temperature and pH, which could have a negative effect on embryo development. The innovative aspect of this system is that it enables embryologists at Embryolab to make a robust evaluation of the embryos, as well as giving them the option to select the most viable ones, unlike conventional development systems applied in IVF. The result increases the probability of pregnancy significantly, even for couples with past failures at implantation level.