After various trials to have a child in my home country, we decided to look abroad for clinics that were offering eggs donation or tandem programs. We were looking for very high standard clinics and laboratories, since we had the feeling that a part of the failure was mainly due to embryo care and handling, their analysis and the protocol after transfer. Another important issue for us was the communication with the doctor and the staff. We looked at different clinics in Spain, Cyprus and Greece and finally we found all what we were looking for in Embryolab Thessaloniki. A friend of mine recommended me this clinic; that has a good reputation in Greece and honestly, since the first contact with the doctor and the customer relationship manager, we felt at ease. Not only for the openness of the staff, but also for the attentiveness, the honesty and consciousness of the doctor. Our case was a bit complicated, thus the staff put everything in place to succeed, they didn’t simply limit themselves to apply a standard procedure or treatment, they study every step to make it work. The result is positive; so we are more than happy for the choice we made, for the help and follow up of all the team, that was wonderful. We highly recommend Embryolab to all the people that wish to have a baby. We keep in touch! Kind regards,

Testimonial French/Italian couple
French/Italian couple

Dear Popi
Hope all is well
My husband and I would like to thank you. We have had a great experience from your clinic especially you and Dr. Christina.  We are so happy that we have our baby boy.
Really truly I would to thank you all to make this happen, after almost thinking it’s impossible.

Testimonial N., Canada
N., Canada

I would like to thank everyone at Embryolab Thessaloniki for their undivided attention to our needs even when out of business hours we needed their expert advice, their dedication to our cause from everyone at the clinic including all staff from reception, the international IVF coordinator, Margarita, our midwife Marietta, Reproductive gynaecologist, Dr. Kyriakidis and our embryologist who without their support, we would not now be 13 weeks pregnant with a healthy boy. The decision to go to Embryolab has changed our lives for ever and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Thank you.

Testimonial P. and M., Australia
P. and M., Australia

Dear Popi, Little Gaia was born today! Her sister and I are filled with incredible joy 🙂 Thank you so much to you and all the team at embryolab! Best wishes

Testimonial F., USA

You have made us so happy. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you so much. You have been exceptionally supportive. I have never experienced so much care and support ever. You are all angels. Please pass our thanks to doctor Kyriakidis and also please, please pass on our thanks and respect to everyone!

Testimonial P. Australia
P. Australia

Dear Popi and all the other colleagues at Embryolab,

Yesterday evening, our beautiful children Jonas and Marie were born. Both are doing real fine, and Helen is recovering well.
We are the most happy family in the world, and we would like to thank you once again.
With all our love

Testimonial H & H & J & M, the Netherlands
H & H & J & M, the Netherlands

I have recently completed IVF treatment with Embryolab in Thessaloniki and highly recommend the treatment we received there. I made enquiries to a number of different clinics in Europe at the end of 2016 due to high costs of IVF treatment in the UK. Due to my age (42 years old at the time) many of the clinics responded by suggesting that we use donor eggs without even getting a full medical history from us! Our amazing coordinator Margarita however suggested a free Skype session with the Consultant Dr Kiriakidis to discuss the different options. It was Margarita’s consideration, quick responses and caring nature that first drew me to their clinic. Dr Kiriakidis was very honest with my chances of having a pregnancy with my own eggs due to my age but after considering my medical notes he gave us hope that it could be possible and gave me the confidence that they would do all that they could to try and make this happen for us. When we decided to use Embryolab for our treatment I have never once regretted that decision and they exceeded my expectations of this whole process. We spent three weeks in Thessaloniki as we decided to complete the whole of the treatment there. I was allocated a fantastic midwife Marietta who along with the Consultant made the whole experience completely stress free. We consistently received a supportive and caring response from all of the team – they could never do enough for us and when I found out that I was pregnant on my return to the UK the whole team were so happy for us. Embryolab still continue to give us support and advice on our return to the UK. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of having IVF treatment.

Testimonial C.B, UK

Dear Popi and all the other colleagues at Embryolab,

Yesterday evening (august 8th), our beautiful children Jonas and Marie were born. Both are doing real fine, and Helen is recovering well.
We are the most happy family in the world, and we would like to thank you once again.
With all our love

Testimonial H & H & J & M, Netherlands
H & H & J & M, Netherlands

Dear Popi, We arrived back in the UK late yesterday, and everything appears to be ok. We wanted to both say “Thank You” to you and the whole team at Embryolab for the warm welcome and support you have given us last week and through the whole IVF journey so far. We hopefully look forward to updating you with some good news shortly. Warmest Regards  

Testimonial R& V, UK
R& V, UK

Hi Popi,
Thank you very much for all your help and support, and a big thank to all the team and the Doctor.

Testimonial M+A, UK

Hi popi, Just wanted to let you know that I had a baby girl 4 & a half weeks ago in 28/05/17 We couldn’t be happier and wanted to thank you and the team so so much, without you this would not of been possible. We will definitely visit you when we next visit Greece.

Testimonial L&S, UK

Dearest Margarita,

We are so glad you liked your little gift.
The support that you gave us leading up to our trip to Greece made what could have been a daunting experience so much easier. We are so grateful for that.
Reading your message made Samantha cry (happy cry).
We both agree that our IVF journey with Embryolab has been the most professional and caring of any of our experiences by far.
We are hopeful that our great start will continue and know that we couldn’t have done it without you, our family in Greece.
We will be in touch.

Testimonial  S&J, UK

Hi Popi,
Good news we had the scan today, things are all looking very good, and was incredible to see them, they were both very active, must be two girls! 🙂   If you could pass the good news onto the doctor!
I’ll of course keep you updated, and just from the bottom of our hearts, myself and Tom cannot thank Embryolab enough for giving us our dream of a family! Wow two really is incredible!
I can be a walking advert for Embryolab and will of course whole heartedly be recommending Embryolab! 🙂
Best wishes,

Testimonial  S&T, UK

Good Day, Dr Ioakeimidou and Popi
I wanted to let you both know on May 30,2017 we welcomed our Beautiful baby girl Konstantina into this world.
8 pounds
1 ounce
19 inches
I cannot express how grateful we are, without your help this would never be possible.

with lots of love a gratitude

Testimonial S & J
S & J

Hi Popi, We have had the most amazing news this afternoon, we went for the scan and were told everything looks great a very viable pregnancy and guess what we are having Twins!   We cannot stop smiling and feel truly blessed! Many thanks, for all that you have done for us.
Have a lovely weekend.

Testimonial S + T, UK
S + T, UK

Hi Popi Wanted to share the exciting news with you… After a very tough pregnancy, I am pleased to tell you that we have been blessed with twin girls on 16/04/2017, they made an early entrance into this world, were 5 weeks early! We are very happy, our tiny little miracles! We wanted to extend a massive thank you to you and all the team at Embryolab for making this possible.
We wanted to express our gratitude to you and how much we admire and respect you for everything you have done for us. Your services at Embryolab are second to none, your professionalism, staff kindness, cleanliness and relaxed environment is what makes you so unique. From the bottom of our hearts we are so grateful for everything you have done, these amazing gifts you have given. You have helped us fulfill our dreams of turning our family of 3 to a beautiful family of 5.
Thank you and love to you all.

Testimonial S. UK

Hi Popi Hope you’ve had a good day, we’re enjoying our last day on the sunshine before going home to the cold and rain. We just wanted to say an extra special thank you to you and the Dr for being so amazing and caring for us while we’ve been here, we couldn’t have wanted for more. Thanks again

Testimonial N & R UK
N & R UK

Good morning Popi! I wanted to share with you that our baby was born !! It’s a beautiful boy! Now my family is complete! I wanted to thank you for the kindness and excellent work of you.

Testimonial L.

We cannot believe in this!!!!! We are so happy and will be thinking of all of you, super specialists of …Heaven Lab, with great feelings!!!”

Testimonial L.N., Bulgaria
L.N., Bulgaria

Hi Popi Hope you are well?
Just a quick note to say that R was delivered on the 30/3/2017. Both myself & I would like to thank you & all at Embryolab for making this possible.
Love, C , I & R

Testimonial C , I & R
C , I & R

Dear Popi, Hope this email finds you in good health and the best of happiness. Pregnancy went well, and on the 23rd of February we had the pleasure to meet our two beautiful boys. Z and R, 3kg and 2.5kg. Healthy babies and mum is doing well. Growing more and more every day. We can’t thank you and doctor Christina enough for the success, and will be recommending you to anyone needing ivf in the future. I don’t know how to put it in few words….they told us here that we are too old and there was no way to have baby….but YOU changed all that, and gave me what I wanted all my life…a HUGE THANK YOU to the team in Embryolab. I was searching for the best ivf clinic in the world, and found you in the forums?? and lucky I did ????? Ps: A-M wants a girl now…… Kind regards

Testimonial E & A Australia
E & A Australia

Hi Popi,

Baby Cleo was born on 2nd February, weighing 2.27kg and is very happy and healthy.
She had to spend an extra 11 days in the Neonatal Unit of the hospital because she was so early but did very well.
She is now almost 9 weeks old and growing fast.
Thank you very much to you and the team at Embrolab for making my dream come true.

Testimonial K. UK

Our daughter is now 6 month old 🙂 Time really flies.

Again many thanks for helping us throughout the process. Please convey our warm regards to doctor Christina also. Wishing Embryolab all the success in future.

Testimonial M&A, UK

Dear Margarita,
 I want to thank you for welcoming me the way you did and I want to congratulate you for the professionalism I saw at the clinic.
It was my pleasure meeting you and Doctor Micheal and all the team.
Hope to see you again soon
Best Regards,

Testimonial Rana, Lebanon
Rana, Lebanon

Hello Popi,
Yesterday I went for my 2nd scan and we saw 2 healthy fetus and we even heard their heart beat. It was a great news to hear that I am expecting a twins hope that they continue to grow healthy . It was a nice and very exited experience with you at the clinic. Keep up your good work.
Thank you and Dr Michalis

Testimonial C.O., Malta
C.O., Malta

Here’s an update from probably the happiest couple in the Netherlands ;).
All is going well and the gynaecologist in the hospital yesterday,confimed the two foetuses moving, both having their own placenta. They’re both growing well.

Thank you!!!

Testimonial E., the Netherlands
E., the Netherlands

Dear Mrs. Patsi, Thank you for your kind email and happy new year to you, Ms Alexia, Dr. Christina and the wonderful team! We are so happy having two new family members in our life this year! My husband and I are so grateful for beautiful babies looking exactly like us! You have done a great job and we can’t thank you enough for it!     All the best  

Testimonial S., Lebanon
S., Lebanon

Stephan, 3.450kg, was born on Friday 16 December 2016. He is fine and well. I am also fine and well and very very happy. Thank you so very much! I wish you and the Embryolob Team a Merry Christmas and a successful Happy New Year 2017.

Testimonial A.B., Australia
A.B., Australia
January 2017

Margarita….. may I introduce you to our new family member, little George.  He was born December29th. He is small but doing well. All a bit scary but we have the most beautiful baby. Cannot say thank u to u and the team for his perfect gift!! xx

Testimonial J. S.
J. S.
January 2017

Hi Popi, We wanted to share with you & all of the team at Embryolab the wonderful news that our Baby has arrived! F. R. F. junior arrived on the 22nd of December, 9:00am weighing in at 8.5lbs! He’s perfect in every way & we are overjoyed to have received the best Christmas gift ever! A huge thank you to you & all of the team for your help, love & support to get us to this joyous occasion of celebration! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Best wishes

Testimonial Family F.
Family F.

For the past years my husband and I have been struggling to begin our family. We have a few infertility issues and required medical assistance in conceiving. We requested a free Skype consultation with one of the fertility experts in Embryolab. Dr. Ioakeimidou answered all of our questions in detail, and never rushed us through an explanation or a decision. She was always kind and patient with us, encouraging small victories and understanding when our hope faltered through the previous failed attempt. I could go on and on about the kind words of gratitude I have for the Embryolab team, however I will simply end by stating that you have an exceptional IVF Unit for which you should be really proud of, especially when it comes to ethics, a value so special and so rarely found nowadays. Your warmth and support were guiding us all through the way. And now, we are holding the treasure of our lives in our hands. Bless you all!

Testimonial Sarah, Missouri, USA
Sarah, Missouri, USA
August 2016

Thank you for all your help!!!! We would like to emphasize that we’re very happy with the way you communicate (quick replies, helpful, clear explanations). It makes us feel a lot more relaxed in the preparation of our visit.

Testimonial Η&Η, Netherlands
Η&Η, Netherlands

Hi Popi,

That’s fabulous- we are so happy right now about the possitive result!

Thank you for all you have done for us- we have been very happy with Embryolab- I really feel you have the perfect balance of being friendly and personal as well as highly professional.

Thanks again for everything!

Testimonial C & R, UK
C & R, UK

We are both happy to be blessed with a baby girl today morning. We both are very thankful to Embryolab, specially Popi and Dr Christina for all the help and treatment. We always felt at home while being treated.

Testimonial M & A, UK
M & A, UK

Our little girl was born on 6/6/16 @ 16:00, she’s a happy healthy baby girl and we couldn’t have asked for more. It’s been hectic but very enjoyable :))
Thank you for all your help!

Testimonial R&G, UAE

We are so happy to have our gorgeous little girl Jovie here at last! Her big brother is thrilled too (he doesn’t even mind the crying!). Thank you so much for everything. Your care and support, and that of everyone we met at Embryolab, were very much appreciated. We will be forever grateful for our sweet daughter!

Testimonial  Liz and Adam UK
Liz and Adam UK

For any woman anticipating to hold a baby in her arms, I want to give words of reassurance. Although I had been very unfamiliar with medical and surgical procedures, Dr. Christoforidis carefully took the time during my first office visit to explain to me in full detail all the available remedial options for my condition. He respected my concerns and questions and answered them fully. I felt completely involved in all the decisions. It was evident to me that with his extensive experience and expertise in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, I could trust the outcome of our joint effort. On the day of my embryo transfer, I was made comfortable and calm. I was supported by the caring and highly skilled staff of the Clinic. This reinforced my feeling that I had selected the right medical center for this procedure. Now, holding my two miracles in my arms, I just do not have words to describe the gratitude I feel for all of the Embryolab family! Thank you!

Testimonial F.W., Brisbane, Australia
F.W., Brisbane, Australia
May 2016

Thank you to all involved in the procedure for making our experience extremely pleasant from start to finish. We highly recommend Embryolab IVF Clinic to anyone. Having being elsewhere before visiting you Clinic, we were feeling very insecure and frightened at the beginning. You were all so very caring and made us feel like home, miles away from home.

Testimonial Sarah Waterman, Vancouver, CA
Sarah Waterman, Vancouver, CA

I will like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you Popi and Doctor Nikos and the team for your professionalism, prompt response to query and your unique empathy you have showed to my situation.

No matter what happens and the outcome of my treatment I must say I did receive a first class treatment from you.
My regards to the team and greetings to Maria

Testimonial T., UK
T., UK

I am a woman 43 years old, single. I have tried to get pregnant for 3 years in Netherlands but treatment was not successful. I took the decision by eggs donation (oocyte donation program ). I want to be mother. I have heard Embryolab is one of the best clinic in Europe. I have a Skype appointment with Irini and Dr. Christina. I felt the good connection at the first moment. Price are very good in comparison with all treatment they offered to me. I received all information about my treatment, donor selections, test, cost, etc. I am happy to tell you the treatment was successful. In my first try. I am pregnant 14 weeks. I recommend Embryolab 100%

Testimonial A. M., Netherlands
A. M., Netherlands

Hi Embryolab team I wanted to let you know that Olivia Kate was born on August 2nd, weighing 7lb 7 oz. She is a really pretty girl and is well behaved! She sleeps well and everyone is in love with her 🙂

It is with a heavy heart, and with lots of thought, that we have decided that this is the end of our IVF journey. I will always wonder what might have been, and perhaps if Olivia had come sooner, we might of pursued another treatment with you in Greece. We feel it is time to enjoy life and count our blessings.
We wish you all well and thank you for your involvement and expertise and support in helping us achieve our dreams of a sister for our daughter Jasmin 🙂
With best wishes!

Testimonial S & R UK
S & R UK

Please tell our donor: ‘Thank you for doing this’. Thinking of it, it is amazing gift that a woman can do!

Testimonial Anna

We thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts and can’t put into words how happy you guys have made us… the whole experience from start to finish has been fantastic.

Testimonial Kelly, UK
Kelly, UK

A huge thank you to all of you for the outstanding support given to me during these past few months. I can’t express to you what that meant to me. Your hospitality and warmness made me feel like I was between family. Please don’t ever change. That is exactly was differentiates you from all other Clinics.

Testimonial Andrea Willson , Miami, USA
Andrea Willson , Miami, USA

I have always had a pleasant experience with all staff members. This is wonderful (and rare) and very important for patients who are experiencing infertility and typically feel pretty down and frustrated, like I was. Keep up the good work!

Testimonial Carry Stevens, Vancouver
Carry Stevens, Vancouver

At 28th of March we got daughter and son. Thank you for this happiness that you give us. Now we are filling complete. Greetings for Doctor Christine and thank you very much for everything. We wish for you a lot of happiness and health and we hope that we will see again one day when we will come in Greece. Here we attached a couple of photos of Nina and Nino :).

Testimonial Z&S

My husband and I are very pleased and grateful for Dr. Ioakeimidou and all the rest of the Embryolab team. We have traveled a long way from Australia. The previous IVF Clinic has given us a lot of heartache, which was unnecessary, and Dr. Ioakeimidou has been so helpful to us. The staff was wonderful! They were always so kind, considerate and understanding while I was undergoing my fertility treatment. They were always available when we had a question about anything. Maria, the head nurse of surgery was amazing! Thank you Mama-Maria!! We most definitely encourage anyone considering infertility treatment to visit Embryolab.

Testimonial Christine Willis, Brisbane, AU
Christine Willis, Brisbane, AU
April 2016

Our baby boy is born and he is healthy and strong. Thank you for all your help!

Testimonial G-M, Netherlands
G-M, Netherlands

I am very lucky to have you and doctor’s support throughout the procedure. I must say that none could have helped me more than this anywhere. Thank you for making us a family.

Testimonial M-A UK

I have the great pleasure to inform you that my pregnancy test came positive. I would like to tremendously thank you, Ms. Alexia and Dr. Christina for making this endeavor a success! Thank you again for all what you have done for us. Thanks again for your continuous care, attention and for your invaluable contribution to this miraculous achievement. We are infinitely grateful.

Testimonial S. , Lebanon
S. , Lebanon

My IVF journey has been a long and painful rollercoaster, like I am sure a lot of you, but we finally have happy news, and if this post helps one person then it is worth writing. We went through 10 rounds of IVF with varying degrees of success in the UK before turning to Embryolab in Greece. I thought I was never going to have a baby and our resolve to stay strong was at an all time low. I contacted Embryolab and immediately had a friendly response via email and a video chat with the lady who organises everything who clearly explained the ethos of the clinic and what steps I would have to go through to be treated by the clinic. It was all very simple and clear and I was able to have scans done in the UK, and then a few days before transfer travel to Thessaloniki in Greece where I met the team at Embryolab and was scanned again to make sure everything was fine for transfer. Having gone through 10 rounds of IVF in the UK my husband and I opted for donor embryos and was matched immediately with appropriate donors. The whole process from start to finish was no more than a few weeks and was half the price of the UK. The clinic is also only a few minutes taxi ride from the airport in Thessaloniki. It worked first time and I am now 34 weeks preganant and we eagerly await the arrival of our much wanted baby in 6 weeks time. We feel like our dream of having a family has finally come true and really can’t thank Embryolab enough for their help, making everything easy and also for their continued support. If anyone has been thinking of going to Embryolab but isn’t sure, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. I wish you all the best of luck in creating your families and making your dreams come true. Hang in there, it will happen for you.

Testimonial UK

We are blessed with a healthy baby boy today. Thank you so very much for all your love and support throughout. Please do pass on the happiest moment of our life with every one at the team, the lovely Dr Christina, and everyone we have met.

Testimonial V-S, UK

“Highly recommended” “After a number of failed attempts in different places, Embryolab finally gave me the joy of motherhood. I am really thankful to the medical team for this. Great experience! Highly recommended.”

Testimonial Amanda, UK
Amanda, UK

We would like to thank everybody in Embryolab and especially Mrs. Chatziparasidou and our gynecologist Dr. Pappas, for the two little miracles we hold in our arms and for their full support during the whole time. May God always keep you well, to help couples like us have a child!

Testimonial Amelia-Robert

Last week we received the most precious gift from God! Our twin daughters came to life! Without your help we wouldn’t have succeeded! For ten years we fought infertility, endless medication, numerous tests, operations, let alone that many questions we had were left without unaswered. We felt so defeated! Then we met our best ally, Embryolab. We thank from the bottom of our hearts everybody working there for their compassion and their professionalism.

Testimonial Sue Ellen-Kevin
Sue Ellen-Kevin

“A great experience” “Embryolab and everyone there were so supportive. I really treasure the personal care and attention I received. I had a great experience. Now I just hope that I will get positive results in a few days!”

Testimonial  Megan, USA
Megan, USA

The birth of a child is always a gift from God, and it’s more appreciated when you’ve gone through hell to have it. 13 long, difficult years made this birth more valuable. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have the same genetic material. We don’t even think about it! We see a beautiful little angel and we thank everybody in Embryolab because, without you we wouldn’t have our angel in our arms now. May love and happiness accompany you and your families!

Testimonial Lynn- Patrick
Lynn- Patrick

The birth of a child cannot be compared with anything in the world. Noa brought this happiness to our lives on May 19th 2-015. It is just incredible. We would like to thank you all for your help, your human affection and your professionalism.

Testimonial Α-J

“Our experience at Embryolab” Just wanted to share our positive experience of Embryolab. My husband and I started our IVF journey in England and, to be honest, we found it all very drawn out and very traumatic. We therefore decided to carry on our treatment abroad and, after a lot of research, we chose Embryolab in Thessaloniki. I would highly recommend this clinic. All the staff are very “people focused”, making us feel very confident in their abilities. We had many hurdles to overcome, particularly by the clinic in England, but Embryolab dealt with all these problems promptly and with great consideration. The clinic is high tech and absolutely spotless and the care we received was second to none. All the staff were friendly, yet very professional. As a result, we now have a beautiful daughter, who was conceived at the first IVF attempt. Thank you so much Embryolab!

Testimonial  Rach, UK
Rach, UK

Dear Embryolab, We would like to thank our doctor and all the team for everything you have done for us and brought a treasure to our lives. We would also like to thank you for having respected our wish to implant only one embryo and congratulate you for having succeeded to bring this angel into our arms WE THANK YOU!

Testimonial Anna-Ian and little Elisabeth
Anna-Ian and little Elisabeth

There is no greater feeling than the baby’s first movement inside of you! Thank you so much, Dr. Anesidis! I owe this miracle to you! May God bless you and may you always give joy to couples who want to have a child.

Testimonial Mary

Another little miracle came into the world. Thank you for your precious help in having our two children. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to live the dream of becoming parents twice, something that we thought would never happen to us. May God be by your side and help you assist couples create beautiful families.

Testimonial Kate-Michael

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience the joy of pregnancy and motherhood at the age of 45. It has no significance to me that we had to have an egg donation. For me it is important that I got to feel my baby grow inside of me. I gave him life and he most certainly revived me! I really thank all staff of Embryolab for their excellent service, understanding, sympathy and the excellent result! Thank you for making the dream of my life come true.

Testimonial Cindy-James

We want to thank all the Embryolab Group and especially Dr. Ioakeimidou and Dr. Samolada. Genetic Counseling was crucial for our decision to move on to Preimplantation Diagnosis. We now have two healthy children who do not even bear the imprint of thalassemia. Thank you very much and please don’t stop to inform couples who are carriers of these diseases that they do have the opportunity to have healthy children. We hope that you will continue your valuable work with great success.

Testimonial Alex-Bright

Trusting Embryolab was the best choice of our life! And if success is measured in kilograms and meters then she is 3,400 kg and 0,52m, she was born yesterday and her name is Helen! Thank you all and especially Dr. Christina Ioakeimidou who has worked with us on this successful pregnancy.

Testimonial George-Kate

The most beautiful moment of our lives has the signature of Embryolab! After seven years of suffering from 8 inseminations, 2 IVF, two miscarriages and many negative results, we decided to seek help at Embryolab, in Thessaloniki. It has been our best decision these last seven years. In detailed investigation of our medical history as well as our effort for four months in natural cycle, gave us two precious embryos which led to the birth of our daughter. We want to express our immense gratitude to Dr. Anesidis and to all of you for the care and excellent service you have offered to us. Thank you for the treasure that you have brought into our lives!

Testimonial Rachel-Paul