Embryolab was established ten years ago (2004) thanks to the life-long efforts of its founding scientists, who shared a vision of creating a different Assisted Reproduction Unit, as well as contributing to the promotion and development of science. Embryolab’s vision combines the human approach and true interest for the concerns of people, with the constant thirst for methodical research, expert knowledge and continuous investment in technology.

We thank you sincerely and we commit to constantly honour your trust, and of the people around the world who trust us.

Our basic principle in the field of clinical services is the implementation of all available diagnostic tools from different disciplines (e.g. embryology, gynaecology, genetics, andrology, haematology, endocrinology, dietetics, immunology, psychology). In combination with the most modern technological means, these allow a comprehensive image for the investigation of infertility in couples, the causes behind failed IVF attempts and recurrent miscarriages.

Open communication and counselling, always in collaboration with the attending physician, contribute to both preventing and addressing a variety of issues such as fallopian tube conditions, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, etc. One of Embryolab’s major successes is the excellent cooperation between the clinical and the laboratory sectors. This changed how IVF is perceived in Greece and in Europe.

Some of the key milestones of Embryolab’s laboratory department are:

•    Strictly controlled culture system. In conventional fertilisation, since 1992 expert and experienced staff strictly control the culture system. The results are recorded systematically within the framework of our quality control and continuous improvement programme. This has been practice since the first day of the Unit’s establishment.
•    Pioneers in ICSI. Our staff has practical experience, gained since 1995 through more than 45,000 cycles in Greece and abroad.
•    Innovative application of microscopy (IMSI). Embryolab is proud to be one of the first laboratories in the world to adopt Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI). This technique allows the high magnification of spermatozoa, facilitating the selection of spermatozoa without morphological changes.
•    Precise sperm counts. Semen analysis ensures accuracy through participation in an external quality control scheme (UKNEQAS). All possible causes related to sperm and affecting the chances of conception are also investigated.
•    Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (SDF Index) evaluation. The determination of the percentage of sperm with fragmented genetic material is performed at Embryolab by an expert cytogeneticist. The accuracy of the analysis is certified by an external quality control scheme (FertAid).
•    Sperm FISH analysis. Sperm FISH analysis is performed at Embryolab by an expert cytogeneticist. Embryolab has been organising international educational seminars on this technique, attended by scientists from around the world, since 2013. Our sperm FISH programme is evaluated by a pilot quality control scheme (CEQAS).
•    MICRO-TESE. The successful implementation of the MICRO-TESE technique contributes significantly to the treatment of azoospermia. Embryolab’s staff has experience since 1995, including a large number of cases of azoospermia and high fertilisation and implantation rates.
•    Innovative method for real-time monitoring of embryo culture. The Embryoscope® is an innovative non-invasive culture system that monitors embryos in real time. It enables the culture of embryos in a safe environment and the monitoring of their development with a photographic camera system, without changing their position. In addition, it generates a real-time time-lapse video, with which embryologists can follow the whole development process until the blastocyst stage. With this innovative system, the embryos are cultured without distortions and are monitored directly, which is particularly useful for selecting the most suitable embryo for implantation and hence for achieving the best results.
•    Innovative traceability system. The Matcher photographic identification system ensures absolute traceability at all stages of Embryolab procedures.
•    Advanced assisted hatching process. The assisted hatching process has been applied for the past 10 years using a special laser system to ensure maximum accuracy and safety. The process of assisted hatching is free of charge to all couples with a history of unsuccessful IVF attempts.
•    Successful donation programme. Embryos, oocytes and sperm are donated under extremely strict conditions for a compatible donor profile and the examination of phenotypic characteristics and blood groups.
•    Obtaining testicular tissue by Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA). The method has been successfully applied since 2004 by expert urologists.
•    Successful cryopreservation programme. The cryopreservation of oocytes, embryos, sperm and testicular tissue is a special system ensuring the lowest possible number of losses. Since 2008, Embryolab has been one of the few units in the world to apply the method of oocyte and embryo vitrification, ensuring extremely high survival, fertilisation and pregnancy rates. Special electronic instruments constantly control the safety of our bank and of its precious samples.
•    Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is the pinnacle of Embryolab’s services, harmoniously combining many of its people’s skills. At Embryolab, we have actively worked with this diagnosis system since 2007, while our high pregnancy rates are recorded in the European authority for data on fertilisation with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. At the same time, we publish our results in international scientific journals and, in 2013, we organised an international seminar at our Embryolab Academy. It is extremely important since the advice from Preimplantation Diagnosis prevents the inheritance of genetic diseases such as thalassaemia.
•    Hormonology and Immunology Laboratory. From the initial hormonal and immunological control up to confirmed pregnancy, laboratory tests are immediate, timely and authoritative. It is worth noting that we have the most advanced equipment and that we successfully participate in the National External Quality Control scheme (ESEAP).

A wonderful decade has ended. We believe that an even more interesting decade has started…

Thank you for your trust!